Our Story

We are here to create


experiences for your

most valuable asset-


We are passionate about helping organisations embrace the evolving landscape of work, workplace, and the workforce.

Our solutions help businesses like yours take control of recruitment, management, and employee performance in the most simplified way. Unlock the full potential of your people and grow your business exponentially.

Recognised by Microsoft and included in their global ISV catalogue, MiHCM runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, providing scalability and accessibility to businesses worldwide.

Our Mission

"To help organisations embrace the future of work with Digital HR & Work Tech Solutions."

Our Journey

Since the late ’90s, we have been on an ambitious journey to build an authentic Human Resources platform that gets businesses moving. With two decades of domain knowledge building HR systems, in 2017, we unveiled a unified cloud-based HCM platform to help organisations embrace the future of work.

We started with a passion for tech

A group of high school tech enthusiasts came together to form a computer club. Their passion for tech inspired them to establish MiHCM in 1995.

2 decades later, our enthusiasm continues to fuel our drive to build lasting solutions that stand the test of time. It’s this very zeal that keeps us going strong, day in and day out.

And continued to reinvent the HR space

From our first Human Resource Information System, we have continuously challenged ourselves and built proactive HRM solutions that cover the employee lifecycle.

After a three-year engineering effort, in 2017, we launched MiHCM, a complete cloud-based HR and Payroll software to help small, medium, and large businesses improve their HR processes and people management.


Domain Experience

2 Decades







Global Offices


Partner Presence


Recognised by the best


Harsha Purasinghe

Chairman/ CEO

Mah Xian-Zhen


Damindu Jayaweera


Suren Rupasinghe

Director/ CPO

Our values

Our core values are at

the heart of

everything we do!

Customer First

We don’t just value customers; we prioritise your satisfaction.


We believe in doing what’s right, not what’s easy—integrity is our compass.

Passionately Innovate

Our DNA is infused with a passion for innovative solutions that inspire change.

Continuous Learning

We continuously challenge ourselves to build fresh employee experiences.

Diversity & Inclusion

We take you with us everywhere we go. Every. Single. Person. Accepted.

Positive Social Impact

Our business is about more than profits; it’s about creating a wave of positivity in every community.

Belonging and Diversity

Our approach to

diversity is straightforward

it’s about

accepting everyone.

"MiHCM has given me a very rewarding experience. The team has taught, inspired, and pushed me to grow in my field. I appreciate having the opportunity to work in this supportive environment."

Ulfa Oktavia Adryani

Co-ordinator – Business Operations – Indonesia

Diversity makes us

stronger together!

We love to live in an equitable world, so we created one! Our culture celebrates uniqueness, collaboration and collective success at every step of the way. 

Together, we can build a community of diverse backgrounds and cultures that contributes to a harmonious world.

How we’re creating

a workplace for all


of our workforce


female employees


of our leadership


female employees


of our total

workforce are

Gen Z


of our workforce

workforce are

Gen Y

We welcome employees of any nationality and religion to MiHCM

Our workforce includes employees from many countries across South Asia and Southeast Asia

Jelajahi bagaimana kami dapat membantu transisi Anda ke masa depan!