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MiHCM is a State of the art Digital Human Capital Management Solution which facilitates organisations to transform legacy HR systems and processes to a true Digital environment and ecosystem. MiHCM offers a comprehensive suite of independently deployable modules to recruit, manage, align and drive performance of an organisation’s most valuable asset ‘their people’. Organisations can build a true digital people environment leveraging the diverse modular functionality with the ability to integrate to other enterprise systems. MiHCM solution delivers superior multi-channel employee experiences while delivering real time analytics of the entire workforce to management.

MiHCM is designed to run at scale on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform which is a global leader in cloud platform infrastructure. MiHCM is also recognised in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market which is currently deployed in numerous global Azure Cloud Data Centres across the globe.

Our Mission

"To help organisations globally shift from legacy HR to Digital HR"

Our Journey towards building MiHCM

We have been developing HR software since late 90’s. With the advent of cloud, we started an ambitious journey to build a modern HR platform purely engineered to run at scale on cloud. With 2 decades of domain knowledge building HR systems, we started our engineering journey back in 2014 to build from scratch a complete unified digital HCM platform. After a 3 year long engineering effort from 2014 to 2017, MiHCM Cloud was unveiled. With MiHCM, our mission is to help global organisations transform legacy HR systems & processes to digital HR.

Today we deliver one of the most advanced digital HCM solutions for the global clientele.

We started with a passion for technology

A bunch of passionate technology lovers formed a computer club back in their high school to design and develop software. With the excitement and love they had for technology, software and computer languages; they cracked the code that gave life to MiHCM in 1995. We have since been a leading HR software solutions provider to organisations of various scale across South Asia; and our mantra of listening and adapting to the evolving needs of our clients has ensured that we’ve only kept advancing.

We ardently listen to what’s ongoing

We do not take breaks from reinventing ourselves at MiHCM.

From 1995 to 2014 when “Digitisation” was becoming the catchword, we heard the global buzz about the possible digital transformation that every industry was gradually embracing. In 2014, we built a complete Digital HR platform with underlying technology including cloud, social, mobile and data frameworks to provide an outstanding experience to our clients’ most valuable asset- their PEOPLE. The cloud HR journey we began in 2014 culminated in the release of the MiHCM Cloud digital HR platform powered by Microsoft Azure in 2016.

We are steadfast in our journey

Today, we are honored to have over 160,000 global users in 500+ companies leveraging the MiHCM platform for their HR and Talent Management needs. Our clientele now spans across 21 countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia; with a strong and supportive partner network in 25 countries, who offer localised implementation and support services to our global clients. Our operations are overseen from our three offices located in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

MiHCM is powered by the secure, scalable, and stable Microsoft Azure cloud, and the product is engineered leveraging a series of Microsoft Technologies. We are a global, IP co-sell-ready prioritise ISV partner of Microsoft Corporation, and our MiHCM solution is available on Microsoft’s global flagship product store AppSource.

We look forward to achieving consistent growth in this unwavering journey with our clients, partners, and employees.

We’ve continued with perseverance

We’ve been known for our spin on Business Software since the release of our earliest HR solution in 1995. Now, the MiHCM Cloud HR platform allows us to present our clients with awe-inspiring visions and experiences of resilience in the face of adversity.

Since it’s release in 2016, the MiHCM cloud HR solution has been broadened with formidable experiences including virtual assistants, face recognition capabilities, voice assistants and more powerful data/insights powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence; making MiHCM the ideal platform for organisations with evolving needs.

Our perseverance has helped us prosper during our 25- year-long journey; by constantly re-evaluating and reinventing ourselves, to offer a best-in-class experience backed by the latest technology to our clients worldwide.

A Testament to our Engineering and Delivery Excellence

On this 25-year long journey, our engineering, delivery, and innovations has been recognised with numerous global accolades. MiHCM was awarded the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the year in 2019 and 2020 as a testament to the engineering and technical delivery excellence demonstrated.


Harsha Purasinghe

Chairman/ CEO

Mah Xian-Zhen


Damindu Jayaweera


Suren Rupasinghe

Director/ CPO

Our values

Our core values are at

the heart of

everything we do!

Our value system provides our employees with a framework for leadership and day-to-day decision making helping them love their life at work. The following value system encapsulates our pivotal beliefs and defines what’s crucial to us at MiHCM:

Customer First

Our customers are always our #1 priority in everything we do. The customer’s convenience is the core when designing new experiences, completing implementation, or providing support services. Our team works with the mindset of serving this invaluable stakeholder with the utmost respect, always.

Empowered Employees

Our people are empowered and motivated to own their decisions and take innovative approaches to their everyday work. We fuel their career progress with a myriad of learning experiences and challenges. MiHCM is proud to have a diverse workforce including people from various nationalities. More importantly, 39% of our global workforce now represents female employees with 33% of female leaders in our leadership. Check out Careers at MiHCM if you wish to be part of this empowering work culture.

Integrity Centric

All our efforts and operations since our inception have been absolutely ethical. We commit to our clients, partners, employees, governing bodies and the general public of any market in which we operate that we do not get involved in any business activities which could damage our reputation and integrity. All our employees are governed by this value, and we are honored to have a workforce who maintains the highest levels of integrity in their work.

Partner Driven

MiHCM believes in partnerships. Our global growth story has been strengthened by strong partnerships throughout, and working together with partners and believing in partnerships is therefore key to our ongoing journey. Our partners witness continued expert support from our team in executing implementations for client organisations in their respective countries.

Passionately Innovate

We build innovative products and find innovative approaches to work. The innovation we introduced back in 2016 to our HR platform has given us a spectacular global footprint, and we have not stopped advancing since. Our effort in innovating our own product ultimately presents the best possible experience to our evolving clients.

Social Impact

All of us at MiHCM work with a moral obligation to infuse a positive impact upon the society and environment in which we live. While we have executed many efforts to create this impact in the past and continue to do so in the present; we look forward to a future with more ways to positively influence the planet and society through our products/services & volunteering efforts.

Belonging and Diversity

Our approach to

diversity is straightforward

it’s about

accepting everyone.

From nurturing a culture where all employees can bring their best selves to MiHCM, to adopting diversity plans that take care of everyone, we proudly live by several initiatives aimed at creating an equitable workplace at MiHCM.

"MiHCM has given me a very rewarding experience. The team has taught, inspired, and pushed me to grow in my field. I appreciate having the opportunity to work in this supportive environment."

Ulfa Oktavia Adryani

Co-ordinator – Business Operations

Diversity isn’t just a

business imperative.

It’s core to everything

we do.

We love to see and live in an equitable world. Therefore, we at MiHCM strive to practice equality by welcoming brilliant minds from across the world, who upon joining our passionate team could contribute to the same aspiration.

We recruit and develop a diverse workforce, encouraging a culture that empowers employees from different nationalities and generations, who possess different talents. Furthermore, our corporate policies are shaped to accommodate employees with various needs and lifestyles.

How we’re creating

a workplace for all


of our workforce


female employees


of our leadership


female employees


of our total

workforce are

Gen Z


of our workforce

workforce are

Gen Y

We welcome employees of any nationality and religion to MiHCM

Our workforce includes employees from many countries across South Asia and Southeast Asia

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