Payroll your way!

Payroll your way!

Key Capabilities

Fully localised statutory requirements to suit your business

Advanced Formula building and complete control over salary definition and other payroll related computations

Comprehensive Payroll Solution with localised statutory reports for every Industry vertical

Centralised multi company / multi-currency payroll administration

User-friendly transaction maintenance and easy API integration with 3rd party systems

Comprehensive user management and information security with systems audit trails

Advance Payroll Formula Builder

Take total control over defining pay items and their statutory behavior in payroll calculations, leveraging the advanced formula builder.

Centralized Multi Company Payroll Administration

Manage your payroll centrally for multiple companies. Provide the facility for subsidiaries and branches to manage their monthly operation such as allowances, deductions and payroll processing centrally.

Country Specific Statutory Compliance

Country specific statutory compliance for South Asian and Southeast Asian regions with automatic updates upon policy revisions. Supported countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Maldives.

GIRO and eSubmissions

Pay your staff directly from payroll using GIRO, with eSubmissions to the necessary statutory and regulatory authorities provided by default.

Analyse your Payment Data

Take data driven decisions by analyzing past pay data by leveraging HCM custom reporting tools.

Strong Support for Southeast Asian Territories

MiHCM Payroll currently supports Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Maldives Payroll statutory requirements.

Module Plug-in facility

Build your own user defined modules and interfaces, and attach them to the HCM system through an easy-to-use plug-in manager.

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