Why we are


The modern, user-friendly MiHCM is designed to deepen visibility into your workforce, develop your employees, source the best talent and optimise the overall HR process – objectives that are barely achievable with fundamentally obsolete legacy systems.
Our clients choose an intuitive cloud HR solution over traditional systems to accomplish their unique business needs. Enterprises must evolve with the Digital Age and MiHCM is here to support your digital transformation.

See an inclusive picture of HR

With an unified system for core HR and talent management, MiHCM gives you consistent visibility on your workforce to make decisions based on data, not as gut response.

Complete Employee Life Cycle Management

A complete process to enclose the resignation letter, identify the reason for resignation and specify the date of acceptance. MiHCM facilitates exit interviews, exit tasks execution & final clearance all the way up to deactivating the profile.

Enterprise Class HCM delivered with modern consumer-grade User Experience

MiHCM’s core focus is end user experience. It’s designed with a rich user interface with rich functionality geared towards a digital-ready workforce.

Engaging mobile workforce

Intuitive and engaging experience across web and mobile gets your workforce to complete key HR tasks from anywhere, anytime on their preferred device.


Make confident business decisions with contextualised & real-time insights.

Enhanced employee engagement powered by Social

Craft an engaging experience in the workplace with social performance, pulse surveys and social sourcing.

Seamless System Integration

Make your HR system seamlessly integrated and aligned with other 3rd party applications using MiHCM API’s.

Modular Seamlessly Integrated Functionality

Subscribe to the functionality that you require today. Add additional functional modules as you build your digital HR organisation.

Comply with legislatives

MiHCM presents the capability to change and align your organisation hierarchy, leave policy and other HR policies with legislatives specific to any country you operate in.

Highly configurable advanced workflow builder

Build complex workflows for various HR & related business processes. Incorporate advanced routing and workflow actions with configurable business rules.

Identity Integration

MiHCM is integrated to leading enterprise identity providers such as Google and Microsoft. Login using your corporate single sign on integrated to MiHCM.

Maximum Privacy & Scalability with Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure

Enhanced security, stability and scalability of your HR & business data with MiHCM powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure.

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