Break free from legacy HR and move faster with a Unified & Complete new class of Cloud HR Platform

Designed to run on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, MiHCM helps you remain steadfast amidst a world of changing technology with its complete HR and Employee Experiences. Workforce Management, Talent Management, HR insights, and complete Mobile-first access for everyone are just a few of them.

Adopt a resilient people management platform which is ready for change!

As the environment around you changes and your business needs evolve, you need to act and adapt fast. The technology presented by MiHCM helps you stay resilient amid the changes happening around you.

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MiHCM offers the ideal employee experience for any industry vertical

MiHCM’s 25 years of experience in offering compelling HR and Employee Experiences to a range of industry verticals will benefit you by providing the right HR experience, localised to suit your business needs.

Solutions for any Scale

We offer solutions perfectly suited for organisations of all sizes. MiHCM Enterprise is designed to deliver phenomenal experiences to your business, regardless of its size.

Empower decisions at every level

A single platform that encapsulates Workforce Management, Talent Management, HR Insights and Reports helps users at all levels enjoy a heightened experience and employ better data for prudent decision making. These insights are created by a team of certified data science professionals who possess Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency.

A technology foundation you can count on!

We never stop innovating and constantly refresh the experience that MiHCM offers to suit the evolving business needs of our clients. You can count on our platform to fuel your progress while keeping all your workforce data safe and sound.